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  • helloalissa

    on Sep 4

    Convenient Dentist Clinic, Tomozoe

    We got a recommendation for a dentist from the badminton club members my husband plays with, one of whom is Dr. Tomozoe's wife. It was convenient to make an appointment and staff was all super friendly.

    They made some effort to use English words, but mostly seemed impressed with my limited Japanese. They commented to each other at how they should practice their English with me, but were too shy. Two out of three of my visits I had 'my translator' with me, although I rarely needed him to translate anything I heard, it was more to translate what I wanted to ask. Still I think bringing in a Japanese national is always convenient when going somewhere for the first time, to avoid being tricked or totally overwhelmed at the technical language. If it's an option, why not.

    They accept national health care, and gave me a one page sheet to fill out at least partially on my first visit. I had an exam and a cleaning that went very quickly and without trouble. (The price shown, 3620, was for the exam and cleaning.) I had been having some jaw pain and the dentist quickly assessed the problem and made a solution, which I made another appointment for. After a week or so I had my solution, which has seemed to help, and a month later when I went in to check in, all went well.

    The prices were standard for Japan and at the same time, a tiny fraction of what I would have paid for the same services in the US.

    Tomozoe Dental Clinic doesn't seem to be super busy as far as getting appointments, but there was usually at least one other patient in the office. I heard there are no shortage of dentists in Japan. There were several assistants who seemed to be studying or being mentored by the main dental assistant. 

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