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Kinshodo Shiten Shokudobu

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  • JTsuzuki

    Delicious Ice Cream in Bizarre Flavors!

    Price: 350 yen

    On the scenic path between Zuiganji temple and Entsuiin temple in Matsushima, you'll find a little shop. Inside is a tourist-friendly souvenir shop, but outside and to the left is a placard displaying dozens of ice-cream flavors, many with a distinctly Japanese style. It's not just 31's Matcha here. Instead, you'll find jellyfish, sake, tofu, wasabi and more! Personally, I really enjoyed white coffee and black vanilla.

    If the area is filled with travelers, the ice cream cone can be consumed as you walk through the area. Otherwise there is a nice wooden bench across from the ice cream shop, ready for customers. During non-peak hours, you might have to ring a bell at the front to summon a cashier, but it is worth it.

    The ice cream itself is not too expensive at 350 yen per cone and the variety of flavors begs for sampling, though free samples are not given (to my knowledge).

    Fun for kids, adults, and even the random bored foreigner, the ice cream at this little shop is the perfect break from a day of sightseeing in beautiful Matsushima.


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