Meirindou Shoten 明林堂書店

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  • helloalissa

    on Jun 22

    Tachi-Yomi Close to Home

    The place I like to do my tachi-yomi (standing while reading) is a small book store chain here in town. If I want to go a little farther, there is a Tsutaya and a Book Off in town, but it depends on if I'm actually looking for something specific. Usually, I go to book stores just to look at magazines, maybe flip through some gardening or cooking books. This book store has a small section of stationary supplies, a good sized manga section, plenty of Kumon and other kids study / practice books, kids books, tons of magazines, and a good variety of books. It's a straightforward bookstore which isn't trying to sell anything else, which is a little hard to come by in some areas. Actually, they do have one rack of super inexpensive DVDs - mostly the old black and white classic type, for around 300 yen each. I haven't seen any foreign language books in this store, although there are plenty of English words and phrases thrown around in a normal Japanese book or magazine these days. One section has several foreign language study books, all in Japanese and intended for Japanese people, unlike some English textbooks. Stock is all new, at list prices. There is a small discount section, although I haven't checked into how much the prices have been marked down. I don't mind buying used manga or books at all, but honestly I just go to the library most of the time. Buying new in bookstores is rare for me, usually it's magazines or study materials (intended for elementary school students, but at my level) if I buy anything. Maybe the occasional stationary or office supplies. I do look at magazines the most and buy new magazines sometimes to take advantage of the free items often included with women's magazines. In front there is a convenient photo booth and a couple vending machines. They always seem to be playing classical music in the store, which is really nice compared with other stores that constantly play advertisements or pop music of various quality. They are also kind enough to ignore the local homeless man who I see squatting and looking at magazines to stay warm or cool from time to time. I enjoy their sign that lights up at night: BOOK. We have book here. There is also a nice big roadside sign with the kanji, as the store is set back behind the not so crowded parking lot (free parking). Across the street is a Yume-Mart supermarket and a Cosmos Drugstore, and there are plenty of tori-yaki restaurants nearby. There is also a growing number of vacant storefront buildings on this street (number 752) near 二の江 (Ni no E) bus stop, bus number three. Meirindou Book store is about 15 minutes on foot from Minami Kurume Station. It's not a trendy neighborhood, so there are usually only a few other people there. I wonder what the future holds for Meirindou and other book stores that are not big chains. It might not be around for much longer.

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