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  • Bella

    on Aug 16

    Drawing Your Luck on Manekinekos

    JAPAN + CATS = CAT CAFÉ ─── it’s probably the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Japan and cats.

    Nekoemon is not a cat café but a place to make your own MANEKINEKO.

    Located at Yanaka district, this café brings a very refreshing experience for cat lovers and for people who just want to be creative, while sipping coffee. For 1,620, you’ll get a cookie, coffee/tea (hot or cold), and a blank cat figurine.

    Although we weren’t provided an ENGLISH MENU, once you said the word “manekineko,” the staff already knows what you want.

    You’ll also be asked which cat you want. The one raising a left paw is for getting more customers, while the right one is for money. After that, you’ll be provided some markers, a piece of paper and several sample cat charms, so you’ll have an idea on what to draw or you can just doodle whatever you want.

    If you are done with your masterpiece, Nekoemon will neatly wrap it for you. The ink is easily smudged so you need to be very careful. I highly recommend spraying varnish onto it just to preserve the colors.

    Overall, it was an activity that is very calming and enjoyable, which I’m sure anyone will love.

    • Nearest Station

       Nippori Station (10 minute walk)

       Sendagi Station (6 minute walk)

    • Schedule

       11:00- 19:00

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