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Yakiniku King - Sendai Minami Koizumi Restaurant

Avg: 3000 yen


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  • MamaKiyota

    Yakiniku with a great variety of side items!

    Price: 3000 yen

    Yakiniku King is one of my favorite yakiniku restaurants. 

    Unlike most yakiniku restaurants, Yakiniku King has your standard types of meats and horumon in the standard flavors but they also have bone in T-bone steaks. They have quite an extensive side menu as well, with things like french fries, fried chicken, rice, drinks, and desserts.

    The all you can eat courses are a bit pricey in my opinion but they are well worth it. The most expensive course gives you access to the full menu, including desserts like parfaits and waffles, and a variety of meats including the t-bone, another cut of steak, and beef tongue and horumon. 

    Service is usually quite well so you can eat quite a bit in the allotted time, as long you avoid the busiest hours which tend to be Friday through Sunday evenings. Lunch time is usually clear though.

    They do not have any English support but if you do choose the all you can eat option, you make all of your orders through a touch screen so it's easy to manage since everything has pictures.


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