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Avg: 850 yen
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  • Saitama

    Basic restaurant with a free kid's play area

    Price: 850 yen

    Pomme Cafe Cafe is part of a larger chain giant Pomme Food. This branch is located on the first floor of the Ario Mall in Ageo City. The facilities and services for kids make up for the food, which is mediocre to say the least. I would not recommend this as a place for a good meal. However, young children would enjoy dining here.

    The kid’s menu is basic with 5 dishes and they are not particularly healthy, but the quantity is reasonable and their choices suit most children. There is only 1 drink option; Orange Juice. You can pay separate for drink bar. They provide water for free for all patrons. The kid's meal comes on a fun plate and a small gift of their choice. They choose from a basket with such things as stickers, plastic toys, hair accessories and yokai watch cards. The kid's meals are reasonably priced. 

    The main attraction of this eatery is its small play area, just inside the door. It has a slide with different climbing walls. There are soft blocks and a soft vaulting box, puzzles, books, wooden animals and a few other things. Kids can play for as long as they want at no extra cost. We've only been their twice, but each time it was very relaxed with no pressure to finish up and leave even when it got busy. 

    They have no toilets, but the mall toilets are nearby. They have facilities to wash your hands and lots of children’s bumper seats and high chairs, adding to the convenience for people with kids. The staff are friendly and helpful. Parking is free in the Ario Mall. 


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