Popopo Bagels ぽぽぽベーグル

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Dec 15

    Bagels made with love in Noda

    Not far from Noda City’s Aeon shopping center is a little house in a narrow street. Popopo Bagels is run by a woman who inherited her grandmother’s house and its contents, and set up her own bagel shop. In her childhood she loved round things, and on encountering bagels, she was hooked. Her bagels are crusty, chewy and flavorful. She makes both sweet and savory kinds. You’ll find local ingredients such as miso, kabotcha and shiso leaf. Many of her bagels use seasonal ingredients. You can mix and match your bagels for take out. She has a cozy dining area where she serves a lunch set. I had ham and cheese. On the side you get a sweet scone. I had ginger tea because it was chilly outside. She serves ginger with soda in summer. For a late breakfast or light lunch this place is just right.

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