Maejima Dental Clinic/ Iidabashi Dental Care Office

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  • AnnaAbola

    on Sep 28

    Dental Services with English Speaking Staff at Chiyoda-ku

    A few months ago, I had my wisdom tooth pulled out. I searched online for a dental clinic near my work area (there's actually a very useful search engine that I wrote about before, you can look for medical services in specific locations here: https://www.city-cost.com/blogs/AnnaAbola/zD9lG-living_medical_tokyo) since I noticed that most clinics aren't open on weekends and it would be easier to set an appointment right after work. So I found Maejima Dental Clinic in Iidabashi. They have staff and dentists that can speak English so check-ups, scheduling appointments and everything else were easy. Even if some staff cannot speak in English, it seems they are used to foreigners so they will really do their best to communicate with you. 

    The thing that I liked the most about this clinic is that they work really fast. I guess it's also because they have patients all the time. My first appointment included a check-up, x-ray and consultation and that took less than an hour. My second appointment was the main event, which was the extraction of my wisdom tooth. I've had three wisdom teeth pulled out in the past so I basically knew how it was going to be (and I kind of dreaded it to be honest). Unbelievably, however, the dentist pulled it out and stitched me up in what seems to be only FIVE minutes. It was pretty amazing. I didn't feel a thing and transitions were so smooth. I also had my regular cleaning that same day and the entire session (including my wisdom tooth extraction) took less than 30 minutes. I took a half day off from work but it looks like I could do this during my lunch break! Post-surgery wasn't bad at all either. I didn't feel that much pain and I didn't swell that much either. Oh, and they let me keep my wisdom tooth, which they put in a cute tooth container (refer to the photos attached)

    I was very satisfied with the service. They also sell some dental care products in the clinic. I purchased this mouthwash called "Coagresh" (costs less than 2000 JPY and you only need to use it once a day; it can last for 1.5 to 2 months). Once you spit it out, you'll see all the plaque in your mouth. It's gross and cool at the same time. I was also told that this helps fight against diseases. 

    The clinic is a little bit hidden. If you exit through Iidabashi Tozai Line Exit A5, you should immediately see a big building which has Travel Cafe and Family Mart in front. Enter through the main entrance of that building to exit through the other side. The dental clinic should be on your right. Again, refer to the photos to know what it looks like.

    The clinic is open from 9:30 to 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. It's closed on weekends and public holidays, and they accept medical insurance/ health cards. 

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