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  • genkidesu

    on Oct 25

    Great English Language School for kids

    Since we are here in Japan for several years, but wanted our daughter to hear English regularly, to build on her vocabulary and meet some other children, we were after an English Language International School. We found Fussa Heritage International School, and she attended for a bit over a year when we lived in Tokyo. The school is run by a great husband and wife team (as well as several other teachers) but their passion for education is highly evident. They really care about the children as well - when we were first thinking about a school or some form of English education for our daughter I was worried, of course! But the owner of the school reassured me that they see the children at the school as part of their family - and they truly treat them that way. The school is located in Hamura, just about a 5 minute drive from Yokota Air Base in Fussa. If for some reason you are reading this and you and your family will be stationed at Yokota (or are currently stationed there!) there are several families on base that also send their children here. The school focuses on English education in a fun way, with plenty of singing and dancing, craft activities and more. Each week we would get a homework folder for our daughter, with fun worksheets to complete - and also we'd get to see all the craft activities and other work the kids did during the week, as they would put that in the folder for us to keep. As well as the in-classroom learning that the children here undertake, the school regularly organized fun field trips for the kids. A couple of our favorites were strawberry picking and mikan picking - all the kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy getting to pick and eat the fruit, while learning about nature and the way things grow. As for pricing, my daughter attended the school three days a week from 9am until 2pm, and the cost was the equivalent of $280 US dollars a month. I'm not sure about other countries, but compared to Australia (my home country) this was an absolute bargain - you'd be looking at a far more expensive cost if you were to send a child to a preschool or childcare center for that length of time a month. Our daughter's language came along in leaps and bounds at the school here - she went from being quite a shy and quiet child to chatting up a storm, singing, and remembering so much stuff, from her ABC's to days of the week, weather and more. Most of all, her manners were so great too - please and thank you's, excuse me's, and more. If you are in this part of Tokyo and you're looking for a way for your child to meet some kids in the same age group from all different parts of the world and engage with a great group of teachers who really care about the kids, then Fussa Heritage International School is a great spot to look into.



〒205-0022 Tokyo, Hamura, 2-9-7 Futaba-cho

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