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  • helloalissa

    on Aug 25

    Bus Stop Cafe Lunch Set

    I had seen this place before and loved their logo, but didn't have a chance to try it then. I needed lunch and more coffee, so I made the time to stop in. Bus Stop Cafe has a lunch menu, coffee, and stays open late for bar drinks at night. Great atmosphere for meeting friends or bringing in a little work - with outlets at the tables it's easy.

    I checked the lunch set menu and made my choice, sort of excited at what it included. Menus use English for the name of the dish or category ('Curry Rice, Drinks' etc.), but descriptions of menu items and the lunch set are in Japanese. Their lunch set is a main dish, salad buffet, their baked bread, and drink bar.

    The menu showed 1200yen, so I missed something about the price because I was charged 980yen. There were six main dish options. I went for the fresh basil and mozzarella pizza. 

    This place has everything I like in a cafe: good strong coffee, good food, salad which isn't just iceberg and/or cabbage, drink bar, bendy straws, weird plants, and motivational posters.

    I went a little crazy with the salad buffet because there was this sprouted bean and maybe couscous stuff that is rare in Japan. The salad used 'sunny lettuce' or green leaf, and mizuna, which I have only seen in Kyushu, but is good stuff. Sides like broccoli and edamame were awesome for making a great tiny salad. Bread was perfectly sweet with the iced coffee. I wanted to try everything at the drink bar but couldn't. There were carafes of iced coffee, oolong tea, tea (Earl Grey?), and vegetable juice, plus hot coffee and yummy 'detox water' infused with orange and apple slices. Everything I tried was great.

    So then the pizza... was a little bigger than I expected. And then I was too full because taking home leftovers doesn't really happen in Japan unless you bring your own container. Anyway they were nice when I asked if they had containers, but said no.

    Bus Stop Cafe is right across the street from Hakata Station on the Chikushi Exit side (筑紫口).

    Open from 11:00-22:00 or later.

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