Free Bike borrow in Koshigaya City

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Oct 10

    Tour Koshigaya City on an electric assist bike for free

    Visiting a neighboring city may require a train trip. But once you are in that city, how do you get around? Koshigaya City provides bicycles to residents and visitors for free. At the east exit of Koshigaya Station, you will find 越谷ツインシティBシティ, Koshigaya Twin City B City building. There is a spacious community center on the 4th and 5th floor. Simply go to the tourism desk, fill out a form and show some ID, and you will be escorted to a parking lot under the train line to pick up your electric assist bicycle. The bicycles are electric assist, simple to operate, and smooth and fun to ride. I rode to Koshigaya Lake Town, Japan's biggest shopping mall, around the lake, to some atmospheric temples, and the Campbelltown Forest of Wild Birds (a project with Koshigaya's sister city in Australia). When I returned the bicycle, I phoned the center, and an officer came to meet me at the bicycle parking area to check me out. The service they provide is fast and smooth. The officer asked me to complete a survey about Koshigaya tourism when I was done. http://koshigaya-activity-support.info/?page_id=6351