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  • edthethe

    Chaus Mountain, Beginner hiking trail in Kiryu

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    The pdf has both English and Japanese.

    There are multiple entrances to the hiking trail, and because it crosses into three different cities, the information online for the entrances is nearly non existent. By public transit, you can either go to Azami station in Midori city and walk from there( This is the easiest) or follow the online directions and go to Shinkiryu station in Kiryu, then take the bus, then walk through the back streets to get to the trail. Unfortunately the trail heads are also not very clearly marked, so if you aren't sure where to go, just head toward the mountain and eventually find an entrance. (not very helpful, I know.Google maps helps a lot here. However, after all the effort finding the trail has passed, it is a fabulously easy climb. Highly recommended for small children. The kindergartens in the area often go up the mountain as their school outings. Also, for such a small hike, it provides a beautiful view. You can see the entire surrounding area including an awesome look across the Kanto plains.


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