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    Snazzy looking Daiso with a decent range of stock

    Price: 100 yen

    Daiso can be a mixed bag.  Some of them are 100 yen wonder worlds, others very drab affairs that remind you of the drudgery of life.  This Daiso in Namba is neither really.  It's not massive, nor does it have the feel of a place you have to go because there's a mundane missing piece to your daily life.

    No, this one is all spruced up in bright pinks, is very shiny and has a layout that is spacious but still packs a lot in.  

    Along with the usual items one would expect from a 100 yen store, this place has a really smart collection of snacks and candy.  

    There's a large and well-staffed cash/service counter, and the whole place has the look and feel of a UNIQLO or something like that.  This is 100 yen shopping as fun or a treat, rather than because you need a new net bag to capture all the gunk in your sink, although you can still find that sort of stuff here.

    On some maps this Daiso is listed as a 'Dollar Store' or words to that effect.  It's on a small side street that runs parallel to the large Sennichimae Dori.

    The nearest station is Osaka-Namba.


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