Tennenji Temple

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  • Saitama

    on Jan 21

    A stop on the 7 Lucky Gods of Kawagoe Pilgrimage

    This temple is much lesser known among tourists and it is also outside of the general tourist area of Kawagoe. It has a very local feel and the only reason I really thought to give it an online presence in English is that it is one of the stops on the 7 Lucky Gods of Kawagoe Pilgrimage.

    The Pilgrimage is one that exists from ancient times and is currently enjoying a boom due to the amount of information about it in leisure magazines. The best day to do the pilgrimage is the first of the month or the first week of New Year which are the days of the seven lucky Gods. There is still little in way of English information, but you will find basic information through a search. The Tennenji is the 2nd stop on the pilgrimage and it is where you can worship Juroojin, the God of longevity, said to grant wealth, fertility, and protect from illness. The area for this worship is on the right behind what I presume is the house of the keeper. If you want to buy a talisman at this temple, you will see a window in this house that you ring for service.

    The temple is well kept and the grounds quite quaint. They have some beautiful flowers. I was there earlier in the week and the Allspice and (surprisingly) a plum blossom are currently blooming. There is free parking for about four cars. There is one toilet; a portaloo type one!



4 Chome-10 Senbamachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken 350-0034

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