Kishu Tetsudo Atami Hotel

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  • Saitama

    on Dec 15

    Overpriced, Dirty, old hotel with warm wonderful staff in excellent location

    I am being generous with two stars. One star is for the wonderful warm welcoming hard working staff, the other is for the location. They are the only 2 good things I have to say about this hotel. I am not normally one for complaining or giving a place a really bad review, but I do think it is necessary to forewarn people so that others won't be disgusted and disappointed on arriving. If you can get a room for under 10,000 it might be somewhat worth it, but we paid 50,000 (around 500 Euro) for 2 adults for an old dirty room with cockroaches. It was a big room, but it was really grotty and judging by the interior design, hadn't been refurbished in half a century, maybe more. We were extremely disappointed, but thankfully I can say this is the only time I have ever had such a bad experience with accommodation in Japan. I suppose the food was nice enough, but there wasn't enough, we got up from the table hungry. All the facilities are decadent and some of them are closed, such as the swimming pool. The hot springs water is great, it is Atami after all, but the facilities in the onsen, and the decor and space were far from great. The staff really went out of their way to be helpful and they were all very polite and friendly. You could see that they are hardworking to, so it might be a lack of staff that has led to the demise of this once (a long long time ago) luxurious hotel. The views are beautiful to. We had a lovely ocean view from our top floor room, but being on the top floor came with water pressure problems and a draft from the dodgy windows!

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