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Second Street

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  • helloalissa

    Recycle Shop

    Price: 500 yen

    One of many recycle shops in town, this is a local chain I'd say is worth a visit if you're looking for clothes, furniture, or household goods. Second street has mostly new or lightly used things in a good ratio of high class fancy things and the 'promotions from Lawsons' variety. All their used items are in good condition and a lot of products are new – maybe overstock or discontinued items from other stores.

    Second Street has some home products and clothes which are made by a small designer or boutique and are new – either they didn't sell or they were intended to be sold at Second Street.

    We've picked up an IKEA lamp in good shape and a winter coat here before. I think my favorite part is the way the womens' clothes are organized. They have categories so you can shop by your personal style, from Natural to Gal.

    Everything is very clean and easy to see, with wide isles and good lighting. There's a kids section and a camping section. What more could you need?

    On my latest trip, I picked up a replacement belt, finally, and at a great price. Plus a new pair of socks for 230 yen, less that what socks normally go for in department store sales. 

    We can pay with a Ponta card at Second Street, if you've got credit!


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