Shiroishi Castle (shiroishijo)

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  • JTsuzuki

    on Sep 21

    Friendly Little Castle

    I love bringing people to this castle, not just because it's the closest actual standing castle to where I live but because the staff of the castle and the museum have always been kind and welcoming, even to foreigners with no Japanese ability. They don't speak so much English, but they are very happy to help and eager to please.

    The castle is a small one and a reproduction at that, but reproduced in the traditional ways to preserve the feel of history within its walls. There is a small area to the side within the castle itself where any patron can try on samurai costume elements and take some cool photos.

    Not the most accessible castle, the grounds are a smooth taxi ride from Shiroishi Station on the Tohoku line and the castle museum is on the same grounds. Nearby, a short walk away, you'll find a samurai residence that is also a really fun time if you have a minute and like old houses. It's a smaller samurai residence, but still a fun thing to see while you're there.

    Tickets for entrance to the castle and/or museum can be purchased at a vending machine on the grounds, on the walk from the parking lot to the castle. A joint ticket is 600 yen and it worth it. There is a small gift shop with postcards at the entrance of the castle and a much larger gift shop in the museum.

    While there are limited options in the English department, Shiroishi Castle is one of the most fun places to see in Miyagi, especially if you're a history nerd (like me).

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