Fuji Milk Land

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  • Daiuchi

    on Feb 21

    A fun farm in the middle of nowhere!

    First, if you ever happen to be in the area of Fujinomiya for whatever reason this is a definite must see place! It is so reminiscent of the country side of the US that I almost felt like I wasn't in Japan for a bit. They also were playing old songs from the 50s and 60s that definitely set up an interesting environment.

    Of course considering it's like the country side, you pretty much need a car to get to this area. There is no train that is close and aside from seeing farm animals and eating there isn't much to do here (unless prearranged with the location). Their farm is small but it's free to enter and most of the animals are okay if you touch them. What I liked most about this location was the fact you can get beautiful shots of horses with Mount Fuji. It was definitely a good picture opp.

    Next, if you like milk there are so many options for souvenirs with milk that you'll be in heaven. While not all of the milk products are direct from the farm they are mostly from Japan and taste great. My personal favorite was their ice cream stand. It was a little expensive but considering the quality and taste it was well worth the money!! 

    While there may not be a lot to do in this area, I definitely would visit again while on a road trip!

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