Nishi Shiogama Jogging Walking Course

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  • JTsuzuki

    on Aug 31

    The Promenade Walking Path at Nishi-Shiogama Station

    Some cities are great for gyms and other urban-friendly workout centers. Shiogama unfortunately has little to offer in that vein with the few work out places available being inconvenient on foot or by train.

    At least that is exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon this lovely little walking area near NishiShiogama Station on the Senseki line. Walking across town is a challenge when a lot of the major roads through town offer little to no shoulder or sidewalk, as is the case about a block from this little green space. By contrast, this is one of the few places in Shiogama where I can let my young child walk around me at her own space and not worry about her being in danger. That said, many of the bushes along the path may become connected by spiderwebs from spring through autumn and the spiders, though not terribly large, can be somewhat intimidating. For walking the path, however, this is a non-concern. The bugs won't bug you unless you bug them, so if you stay on the path instead of walking on the raised curb near the bushes, you will be fine.

    Little white sign posts highlight the course paths and degrees of each slope, with a lovely Jogging and Walking Course Guide posted at the entrance to the promenade with the kilometer values for each option listed. The easiest course options from the given starting position of this sign post would be A or C, with C course being the most effective. and a full kilometer long. In addition, at the upper edge of the diagonal cross-over, there is a fairly new Lawsons, so anyone needing a potty break or a little refreshment has a convenient option.

    Just having some space to walk is great, and having a track of specific space laid out is always a bonus, but the very best part of this space is the greenery. Walking past these lines of cute little plants and trees is sometimes the highlight of my week, and being able to squeeze in a little bit of time in a green space can be really great for your mental health, too.

    For any Pokemon Go players, this space is even more awesome. There are three overlapping gyms right at NishiShiogama station, so walking along the promenade while you hatch some eggs and beat your way into a gym or two can be a fun way to get or stay fit. That said, don't expect a lot from the raid battles out here. With such a small population of players, Shiogama's pokemon gyms don't see a lot of people happening upon the same raid at the same time. Even during last month's legendary raid event, when special legendary pokemon were available at raids with suggested groups of around 20 participants, I failed to find more than 6 people in one place at one time.  

    Nishi Shiogama's walking promenade- a great place for a fair-weather walk, a healthy jog and a pokemon battle or two.

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