Aesop Net Cafe (インターネットまんが喫茶、アソップ)

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  • Tomuu

    on Jul 26

    Manga and Internet cafe in Adachi, Tokyo

    A tight, little manga and Internet cafe located a minute's walk from Nishiarai Station (Stytree Line) in Adachi-ku.

    The cafe occupies two floors on tight street, opposite a pachinko parlour.  Look out for all the bicycles parked outside.

    This place is very private.  Apart from a couple of open terminals (which are rarely used), all the others are closed off so as no one can seen what it is you might be watching on the Internet!!  Unless people stand on their tiptoes, that is!  

    Chair choices here come down to regular office ones, and kind of single seater couches.  If you're here to do work, the office chairs are best, as the couch options will require kneeling in order to get into a typing position.

    All booths are nicely equipped with lamps, bins, coat hangers, big monitors, and headphones.  There are toilets on both floors, and a shelves of manga which you can pick at.  There is also a free drinks vending machine that is well stocked.

    If you're here to do some work, be careful, as not all of the terminals are fitted with Microsoft Office.  When it comes to printing, the printer is located behind reception counter.  Collect them when you leave.  

    Like a lot of manga kissa and Internet cafes in Japan, Aesop Net Cafe (インターネットまんが喫茶、アソップ) is very smoky.  Well, that's all relative, I suppose, but you will come out of here with your clothes smelling a little.  Ashtrays are always offered when you 'sign in'.

    You need to become a member here before you can make use of the facility.  If you take the kind of 'pay as you go' option when you use Aesop Net Cafe, expect to pay around 100 yen for 15 mins.  A 3-hour pack costs 1,000 yen (without tax).  The cafe is open 24 hrs (with some age restrictions in place).  Packages are paid for up front.

    Overall, this was a convenient resource for escaping the summer heat, printing stuff out, or just a bit of piece and quite.  The staff are efficient and polite.  I wouldn't bank on them speaking English though.

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