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  • Tomuu

    on Aug 8

    A place to resupply contact lenses without need for seeing an optician

    Japan has a bit of a racket going on when it comes to getting contact lenses.  In may case, until recently, I've been caught in a loop between optician and supplier.  You'd go to the optician to get a contact lense prescription.  Said optician had a deal with a nearby supplier meaning the prescription was only valid at that supplier, and only valid for a limited time (around 6 months, and up to a year for loyal customers).  One the prescription had expired, you then had to go back and get your eyes checked again (time consuming), in order to receive another limited-time-only prescription.  And so the cycle repeats itself.

    Now, I moved house earlier this year, and before doing so, bought in a bulk load of contacts to keep me going until I found a new optician/supplier in my new 'hood'.  As it turns out though, you don't necessarily need to get your eyes checked again, in order to resupply your contacts.  You can just go to megane SUPER.  At this store, you just need to bring in a picture showing the 'stats' of your current prescription, and they will then sell you the contacts that you need.  No need for another eye check and a new prescription.  A bit of a God send really.

    The store I visited, was nothing to write home about, although the staff were friendly.  They had a reasonable selection of glasses, but nothing in the 'very cheap' range.  Most specs that I saw started from around 10,000 yen.

    Anyway, I was there to get more contacts, and it that regard, I can't fault them.

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