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  • helloalissa

    on Aug 25

    Fukuoka 1 Day Pass

    Nishitetsu is more popular and convenient than JR trains in Fukuoka Prefecture. They also operate buses all over Kyushu. I took advantage of their 1 Day Pass recently.

    If we're planning to spend more than the cost of the 1 Day Pass in one day, it's worth it to buy the pass in advance and use that instead. It isn't limited to tourists or foreigners. The cost for adults is 2060yen and 1030 for kids. We can ride trains on the Nishitetsu Omuta line between Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station and Yanagawa Station, plus the train from Futsukaichi Station to Dazaifu (Tabito) and the train from Kurume to Amagi. All regular Nishitetsu bus service within a designated area is also included, which extends to Saga City in Saga Prefecture.

    Passes can be purchased with cash or credit card at the larger stations on Omuta line. They are designed to be used within a year, from April-March, and we scratch off the month and day we will use the pass. We then show the pass to the station attendants instead of going through gates at stations and show the pass to the bus driver when leaving the bus.

    There is only so much you can see and do in one day, but it's a good deal if you aren't rushing around too much while taking advantage of the Day Pass. I was able to get in 3240 yen worth of traveling while using my pass. While use of buses is convenient, it can take a lot longer than using the subway because of traffic. All the Nishitetsu buses in Fukuoka show bus stops in hiragana and romaji so with even a basic understanding of Japanese and how riding a bus works, it's quite convenient. You can see where you are from a bus and sometimes stop closer to where you're headed than using subways.

    I'd recommend planning ahead a little, but also taking advantage of the information centers. They give you very clear instructions on where to catch your bus and recommend the cheapest and fastest way. They will give you a printout of the schedule for your destination which has the return trip on the back. Fukuoka city also has several 100yen buses that go between Hakata and Nishitetsu Fukuoka stations and main points of interest.

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