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  • Ooray2775

    on May 11

    Numata Park

    Numata city park is 20 minutes away from Numata station by bus. Sakura viewing is in midst of April. Rhododendron, azalea, wisteria, tulips, peony and many more beautiful flowers are in full bloom after the first week of May. Many families and kids gather here to have picnic. There is a remainder of castle ruins from the 1800's. The bell rings around 6pm in the evening and in the morning from the castle. There is an information center for Numata city and Family Mart is around the corner. Walking and running for exercise is fine and tennis court and baseball field are available by inquiry. Buying gifts and local products are available from the information center. Historical Western style house and Japanese old house are for exhibit to the public. To: Numata From: Takasaki to Numata by train 760yen approx. 50 minutes. Take a bus to the city center. Driving can be easy, too.



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