Usui Touge Tetsudo Bunka Mura (Poppo Town)

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  • Saitama

    on Dec 13

    Mainly Outdoor Railway Museum with train rides

    Usui Pass Railway Heritage Village is a museum dedicated to an old train line, the steepest in Japan, that used to run between Karuizawa and Yokokawa. The museum preserves artifacts from that railway. It is mainly outdoors, but there are a few indoor areas. There are also some train rides you can pay extra for, including a truck train that goes one station up.

    The museum is something different and fun for young kids. My own kids enjoyed it much more than I did. I am a big fan of the Saitama Railway Museum and in comparison this railway village just didn't seem up to scratch. However, I think serious train lovers would enjoy it and appreciate it more than I did. One of the many attractions is a famous Steam Locomotive train that comes into the station right beside the railway museum. It is a D51 fondly referred to as "Degochi" . If you are in the area near the time of a scheduled arrival of the Degochi you will see dozens of photographers lined up to get a shot of the beloved train. Within the village there are lots of hands on experiences you can try, some of which are free. For young children you can pay 200 yen for them to ride on a mini-SL. You can also pay to ride on the afore mentioned truck train. If you buy that ticket as you enter the park you can get a set ticket which covers the entrance admission and one go on the truck train. You need to check the times as you come in. There are lots of coin operated rides for small children as well as some old trains that are free to explore. 

    The park is open Wednesday to Monday, closed Tuesdays, from 9 am to 5 pm except in the winter when it closes at 4.30 pm. There is free parking for 220 cars. 

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