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  • Saitama

    on Sep 25

    The National broadcasting services public archive with small character gallery

    The NHK Archives Public Library is one of 4 educational type facilities in Skip City Kawaguchi. We weren't actually borrowing or reviewing any of the material as we just paid a quick visit while visiting the neighbouring, and rather excellent, Visual Museum. I unfortunately can't tell you how the system works, but if you are in the area for the Kawaguchi Sciene Museum, Kurashi Plaza or the afore mentioned Visual Museum it is worth a quick visit to see the small gallery of NHK characters through the years. Both the archives library and the gallery are free to enter. And the gallery permits photographs been taken. There is also a small padded area for kids with NHK programmes showing. Parking is charged and costs 200 yen per hour. You can park under the library or under the Science Museum across the courtyard, which tends to be less busy. Most of the information is in Japanese only.

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on Sep 25