Little Venice in Tokyo

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  • Tomuu

    on Jun 19

    Interesting little spot in an even more interesting part of Tokyo

    Jiyugaoka must be one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Tokyo.  This 'Little Venice' area is just a couple of minute's walk north of Jiyugaoka Station, going up a bit of a hill, it's on your left off of the road.

    It's a very small area but is quite pretty, although coming here expecting the Grand Canal will only lead to disappointment.  The collection of businesses here is a bit random - there's an expensive leather goods store (COCOMEISTER) and a pet store (Loasis) where I think you might be able to set and have a coffee with the pets in tow.

    I think a lot of people come here for a quick look around and to have their photo taken in the "Venice in Tokyo'.  

    Worth a quick look if you're in the area but I don't think "Little Venice" stands up to repeat visits, besides which there's much more going on in Jiyugaoka.

  • Crazydeath

    on Dec 15

    Little Venice in Tokyo

    In the center of the popular area Jiyugaoka in Meguro you can find a small magic place, which gives you the feeling to be in Venice. It is a little place with a small canal sorounded by houses in an italien design. You can also find a small condola there.

    A cafe and a few small handcraftstores are inside the houses. It is very nice to walk around and enjoy the italien atmosphere.

    If you are already in the Jiyugaoka area, don´t forget to make a visit at this small magic place.



2-8-3 Jiyugaoka

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