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Yurara Kiryu Onsen

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  • edthethe

    Hot Spring in Kiryu

    Price: 800 yen

    The staff don't speak any English, but are friendly enough. When you first arrive, you choose a shoe box and exchange the key locking your shoes for a key to the locker room. That number is also your tab if you wish to order food or other services during your stay. At the end, you pay your total and receive your shoe box key so you can leave. The complex is pretty big, but to get to the baths just look for the red(girls) or black(boys) curtains that lead to the locker rooms. It is a very popular bath house, but the locker rooms are pretty spacious, as is the shower area near the baths. There are several kinds of baths to choose from ranging from electric, bubble, or herbal(flavors changed weekly). There is also sauna and out door tubs. My favorite are the wooden barrels. I took my 6 month old son and two daughters and the staff as well as other customers were very understanding. It was a very family friendly experience.

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