Halos Garden Wakaba Walk

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  • BigfamJapan

    on Feb 9

    Small amusement centre with toddler play area

    Wakaba Walk is a small suburban mall with a good selection of shops. Halos Garden is on the second floor beside an Italian restaurant and near the cinema. It is quite a small center, but ideal for the suburban location it is in. There are always a few people using the center, but it is rarely crowded. They offer two main facilities: 1) video games and machines for children of all ages and 2) a small play area for children under school age. The latter is what we have used most. It is perfect when the kids are around two to three years old. It is basically a large ball pit with some climbing and slides in the ball pool. They charge by twenty minute sessions. You use a vending machine to get a ticket which you then give to the counter clerk. She will give you a peg to put on your shoes which you remove as you go into the ball pool area. When you are finished playing they give you a wet wipe for your hands and some small gift. The gift is often a sticker, but the kids have got sweets or some sort of gimmicky toy in the past. The games in the center are coin operated and the price varies. They have some machines suited to small children such as Anpanman rides and games. Some of the part time staff speak a little English. It is open from 10 am to 10 pm seven days a week. However, occasionally the ball pool is not available for cleaning or maintenance. Parking is shared with Wakaba walk. One hour is free and you can get parking tickets validated if you spend over a 1000 yen.