Awa-Katsuyama Castle remains

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Nov 21

    Great view from the Awa-Katsuyama Castle remains

    South west part of Chiba is the small City Awa, just right at the ocean. Only 1,2 km on foot from Awa-Katsuyama station is a small hill, where you can find on top the old castle remains of the former castle. Just a few stones are left, but the top of the hill has now a nice viewing plattform in the design of a castle (just partly). You can reach the top of the mountain in around 15 minuts. From the viewing plattform you will have a great view over the small town, the neighboring mountains, the port and of course the ocean. On good days it is even possible to see Mt. Fuji from there. There is also a huge telescope at the viewing plattform to look far away. Especially the small islands in the ocean are very interessting. They are used for fishing and some even has small houses on it. If you are already in that area, the viewing plattform is a great place to have a look around!

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