Fujiya Restaurant

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  • Saitama

    on Jul 21

    Decor lacking in this mildly themed restaurant

    As big fans of Peko and Poko chan we were very excited about going to the Fujiya restaurant in Ikebukuro. The kids were completely satisfied with the whole experience, but I was slightly disappointed due to the decor!

    Apart from the Peko-chan at the entrance the design is nondescript and there are no other life size Peko or Poko chan within the restaurant. However, crockery is Fujiya design. High chairs, Fujiya disposable bibs, Fujiya kids crockery and cutlery available for use. The food is very decent and the kids meal is fun. You get a packet of Fujiya's famous "Milky" sweets with the kids meal. It is advised to arrive before noon for lunch as the restaurant is very popular at lunch time. 

    Friendly competent staff. Reasonably priced for such a strong brand. Kids menu available.  Located on the 13th floor of "Dining City Spice" in the Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro station.

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