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Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

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  • Daiuchi

    Great place for Ramen enthusiasts!

    Price: 1200 yen

    If you like Ramen and don't have time to visit other parts of Japan this place is a great alternative. They have shops that offer all the major types of Ramen, Miso, Salt, and Tonkotsu and most are very affordable. What I enjoyed most was they have small bowls available for people who would like to try different ones! The smaller bowls range from 700~1000 yen but it's worth the price considering you can eat somewhere else too.Depending on the restaurant it can be a little expensive but they are all famous and delicious.

    Another great thing about this place is they have English services as well as vegetarian dishes readily available. The servers might not be able to speak English but with the menus and information in English it is definitely tourist-friendly. 

    The location isn't in Tokyo but it's not too far either. If you plan on visiting Yokohama it's only about 10 min away and well worth the visit. It's also located near the Shin-Yokohama Shinkansen so it can be a great alternative to stop by before heading back to Tokyo! Just be warned, if you go on a busy day the lines to the more popular restaurants can easily take over 1 hour.

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