Nature Mirai Okinawa

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  • Tomuu

    on Sep 19

    Camping, cottages and kayaking at this learning facility in Okinawa

    Nature Mirai (ネイチャーみらい館) is a “learning facility” in Okinawa, located in Kin Town on the east coast of the main Okinawa island. Getting yourself called a “learning facility” is probably not the best way to attract outside interest in what it is you have to offer. By “outside interest” I’m referring to expats traveling in Okinawa. However, perhaps Nature Mirai isn’t concerned with the inbound market. In fact, by the look and feel of this place, it seems like the kind of facility a school might bring its pupils to for one of those outdoor adventure weekends they sometime organise. All this being said, Nature Mirai does have some pleasant natural surrounds and on our approach to the facility, we did spot some kayakers having fun on a calm stretch of river (which links to the Kin Dam), one of the activities available at Nature Mirai. In fact, perhaps they had come from the nearby mangroves at Okukubigawa (kayak tours from 5,300 yen for adults). The facility also has a fleet of “Giant” bicycles available to rent for 300 yen / hour. Parking at Nature Mirai is free and it seems to be OK to just have a wander around the grounds where you can find toilets, vending machines and a smalls kid’s play area. You can stay here, too. A row of nice looking cottages built in the low-rise Okinawan style are lined up behind well maintained hedging and front a nice swathe of grass begging for kids to play on it. Inside the flooring is tatami. Cottages at Nature Mirai sleep up to six and are available from 36,000 yen per night. Camping is also available at Nature Mirai and the facility has an impressive range of camping kit to rent, from tents through hammocks and onto to camping stoves. Sites are 2,000 yen for a night. Day camping is available for 1,500 yen. A full camping set including tent, table and BBQ set is 6,000 yen (accommodating 5 - 6 people). Yes, you can fire up the BBQ at Nature Mirai, too. The “reception” of Nature Mirai has a small shop selling snacks and souvenirs. Camping, cottages, and kayaking seem to the basis of what’s on offer at Nature Mirai, but if you’re in need to give a lecture to someone, there is a space that can be rented for that also. While I didn’t see any events taking place during my visit, a glance at the Nature Mirai website (Japanese only) seems to reveal that cultural exchange programs are held / organized at the facility. Nature Mirai is probably not the kind of place you’re going to visit during a typical Okinawa travel experience but these kinds of facility are something to be celebrated in my opinion if not more for the locals than the expat traveling in Japan. The kayaking looks fun though. Nature Mirai is about 2 km east off Route 329. The shops and services of central Kin are about 3 km to the west. Beach fun is available at Kin Blue Beach about 2 km to the south. Hours: Reception and shop: 9:00 - 21:00

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