Okashi no machioka

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  • Jackson

    on Apr 27

    My Stop for Sweets

    This is hands-down my favourite place to go and stock up on my chips, chocolates, and all the other snacks. Their prices are on the lower end (and you can tell if you see a shop selling Umaibo for 9 yen rather than 10 yen), and when they have products going off the shelves to make space for new things, the said products will go on sale and you can buy some 99 yen gummies for 59 yen, for instance. Besides having all the standards, their discounts always encourage me to try out some flavours I might normally not want to pay full price for. Whenever I pass by one, I always enter it and see what is on sale this time.

  • BlueButterfly

    on Mar 7

    Okashi no Machioka - The sweets paradise

    Do you want to buy some sweets as a souvenir you are just a big fan of Japanese sweets? Okashi no Machioka will be a paradise for you. The small famous sweet shop has stores all around Japan. They have a great variety of sweets, snacks and chocolates (western and also traditional Japanese snacks) for a very reasonable price. Most of the products cost under 100 Yen or a discounted very high (30 or 50 % of for bigger packages). Okashi no Machioka has all the typical seasonal snacks and sweets, like many kinds of cherry blossom editions or Halloween style, but also very traditional Japanese snacks that already exist over 50 or 100 years!



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