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Tokyo Disneyland

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  • Saitama

    Magic, Mickey Mouse and memories for a lifetime: Disney - where dreams really do come true!

    Price: 7400 yen

    The current theme at Disneyland is "Frozen", from the mega movie of the same name. Until March 17th the castle and areas of the park have been transformed into Arendelle and you can enjoy limited edition Frozen goods and food, props and photo spots, character greetings, and the amazing Frozen parade. 

    Yesterday was my 5th visit to Disney and I still find it hard to sum up into words what makes the place so magical. The setting and atmosphere are key, but I think the staff play the biggest role and they play it excellently. Most of the parade staff and characters speak English, but not all the ground staff do.

    It is not uncommon to have to wait an hour for a popular ride, yesterday you even had to queue 40 minutes to get a FastPass, but there are other rides that have shorter waits. There are also other attractions within the park that you don't have to wait for, such as the shows. To get a prime seat, people do line up, but if you are happy to watch from the back you just need to show up at show time! The same goes for parades. Plenty of facilities and amenities for families including a baby center. They even have buggies (and wheelchairs) available for rent. 

    Until the end of March, It is the "Year of Wishes" at Disney. My 2 wishes are that they reduce the price and the waiting lines. But there upon ends all or anything negative I have to say about Disney, where you really feel, for even just a few hours, that dreams can come true. The costs and the queues maybe abhorrent, but the magic is abundant and worth every yennie.


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