Cat Café Neko Shiki (猫式)

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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Nov 11

    Cat Café Neko Shiki (猫式)

    Because I lived around Mizonokuchi for a while I visited the cat café Neko Shiki several times. It's a nice room with around 20 cats, only 6 minutes walk away from Mizonokuchi station / Musashi-Mizonokuchi station.

    I always experienced a nice athmosphere at the cat café and enjoyed my time there. Since it's not so well know, not too many people go there. Most are cat-ladies who enjoys their time there. There are some toys to play with the cats and they have possibilities to climb around and hide if they don't want to be with costumers anymore. You also can find manga and cat magazines inside the room. At the entry is a shop space with cat-related articles.

    The price changes with time you spend there. Minimum is 30 minutes for ¥ 500, however you are required to order one drink. If you decide to stay one hour, you need to pay ¥ 1000 which already includes a drink. It's a better deal. You can extend the time up to three hours. For ¥ 300 it's possible to feed the cats.

    The cat café is open from Tuesday to Sunday (12:00 to 20:00). It's closed on Mondays or the following day if Monday is national holiday.

    Find more information on their website
    → http://www.neko-shiki.net/cafe.html

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