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  • Saitama

    Most popular as a sports park, but has small playground

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    You will often see runners, joggers and walkers here using the jogging track that circumferences the park. It was no surprise to hear then that Ageo Exercise (Sports) Park is the start and finish line of the annual Ageo City Marathon.

    Apart from the jogging track there is a large athletics ground which is frequently used for a number of sporting events. The prefectural summer pools are across the road in the Saitama Water Park. There are more sporting facilities beside those grounds. Ageo's martial arts hall is very near and recently the prefectural ice rink was moved from Kawagoe to the area too. All of these parks and buildings combined make this area central to sports and exercise in the Ageo area and draws people from further afield too. The playground isn't much and what I really dislike about it is that it is all cement: not just the grounds, but the equipment too. The centre of the playground has an uniquely shaped structure that is good for climbing and has some slides coming out of it. However, as it is cement it is very fast and very sore if you do get a bang. I would not recommend this playground for small children. They have an unsual see-saw and climbing frames here that my own kids love. Beside the playground they have coin operated battery cars.

    You can access the park twenty four seven, but it is officially open from 8.30 am to 5 pm. You can use the parking there between those hours. 

    This park is featured on a segment about outdoor locations in Ageo on the main city-cost blog:


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