Tsubaki no kura

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  • Saitama

    on Aug 28

    Souvenirs, Textiles, Power stones, shrine goods and a FOOT SPA CAFE

    Kura is the Japanese for the traditional type Japanese warehouses. The area of Kawagoe is famous for the amount of ancient warehouses they have. This particular warehouse is named after camellia "Tsubaki". The warehouse is home to four different shops each selling quintessential Japanese goods. It is a really unique, colourful and fun space to explore. They offer a mix of products and over hundred different types of souvenirs.

    Kaya sells a number of different type of modern Japanese souvenirs made from traditional Japanese textiles. The large textile banners you see in the shop with classic depictions of Japanese art by modern methods, are made by Kaya. Tsubaki Ya Shouten sells regional Japanese food stuff. Both of these are on the first floor. On the second floor the shop is decorated with torii (red shrine gates) and there is a tree in the centre of a room presented like the sacred trees at shrines. This floor sells power and precious stones as well as goods from shrines such as amulets and straps from the shop Iwakura Stone. There is sake on this floor too. Out the back of the shop on the first floor is the foot spa cafe, Tsubaki Ya. It is very small, only taking 8 customers at a time, but that adds to the comfort and relaxation offered in the small zen garden with a foot bath / spa. Dip your feet as you enjoy a cold or hot beverage. It is very popular so it is very common to queue to enjoy the experience and the view.

    Tsubaki no Kura opens from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays and until 8 pm on weekends. The information in store and the websites for each of the shops within the warehouse are all in Japanese only. This shop is on the main tourist strip and is serviced by tourist and public buses. 



3-2 Saiwaichō, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken 350-0063

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