GOKAN Patisserie de SAMOURAI

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  • City-Cost

    on Nov 16

    Expensive and very classy cakes and confectionary

    We stumbled out of lunch at a Mos Burger in Osaka and found GOKAN Patisserie de SAMOURAI just across the street. The contrast between the two places couldn't be starker. We almost felt nervous about entering this place. From the outside it looks like a regal London gentleman's club. Inside there are a number of displays showcasing Patisserie de SAMOURAI's cakes and confectionary items. It's all very rich brown and stately looking in there. Staff seemed to be nice though, at not at all nosey for such a posh place. In fact, although it's expensive, it's perhaps not as expensive as it first seems. We don't know; does a box of 5 confectionary pieces for 1,600 yen sound really expensive? I guess we'll leave it for you to decide. We spotted plenty of cookies (sold individually and in packs), cakes behind a refrigerated counter (which looked suitably delicious), as well as plenty of gift type boxes and hampers that the Japanese are so fond of. Actually, you wouldn't really be buying from here for personal consumption unless you were after a real treat. Patisserie de SAMOURAI strikes us as more gift or special occasion territory. We didn't go there, but it looks like the second floor might be host to a cafe with lunch sets for around 1,000 yen. There is a website, but it's all in Japanese and a bit confusing (there seem to be a number of different name floating around). There are also a number of branches that seem to be largely in the Osaka / Kyoto area. Nearest station: Kitahama

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