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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 31

    Kokubu Store Sweets Shop Chain

    A chain in the Fukuoka area at least, Ishimura is the place to go for your cakes and omiyage.

    Our local store is on the route to just about everywhere so we pass it often, although I've seen shops in other neighborhoods as well as in Hakata Station.

    I had received a gift from Ishimura, or at least one of the products they sell, Bon Cinq Vintage Ange cakes. It was the box of eight cakes in three flavors (chocolate, caramel with walnuts, and cheese, or fromage). The fromage flavor specifically stood out to me as a sort of cheesecake flavor. Their cakes are individually packaged tiny cupcakes with a filled center, in the case of 'fromage,' filled with sweet and creamy cheese. I thought this would make a nice gift for a friend when we go to his house for dinner.

    We stopped by the store and looked around at all the omiyage type treats in individual packages or in boxed sets. They also have a case with unique cakes, like 'Strawberry Mont Blanc,' which sounds interesting.

    During fall, I noticed they had a seasonal chestnut flavor, but they didn't sell it anymore unfortunately. They did have special Hakata amaou strawberry cakes, so I decided my friend should try one. I also got cheese of course, and one of the caramel flavored cakes.

    For those eating at one of the few tables inside, there seems to be complimentary coffee and hoji tea. I always thought the tea was really weak coffee when we walked past and couldn't see the coffee.

    While checking out I was asked (in Japanese) if it was for a gift and did I want something special or just a paper bag. The individually wrapped cakes were placed into a paper bag, then a plastic bag, which is fancy enough. I think some people want elaborate new year wrapping or something.

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