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  • City-Cost

    on Oct 13

    Small cafe and bar, nice decor, smokers only

    Found this place in amongst the panic and chaos of a busy Shin-Osaka Station transit time.  We were looking for a place to take coffee before heading through the ticket gates (Cafe&Bar DEUR is near the South ticket gates for Shinkansen in Shin-Osaka Station).

    This is a long and narrow space (a bit like the Shinkansen you may be just about to board).  The decor is all moody woods and dark colors.  There was also a noodly jazz soundtrack playing when we were in.  The place doesn't really stand out from the outside an could be in easy miss in the flow of human traffic.  One side of the cafe is counter seating.  There are some 'pair' tables on the other side.  It's actually a really well trimmed out place.

    There's a caveat though.   Cafe&Bar DEUR is all smoking, and pretty much everyone in there is ... smoking (the wait staff were at pains to tell us this as we entered).  Not that it's suffocating (although that perhaps depends on one's disposition), there are far worse places out there for smoke.  Anyway, definitely something to be aware of (non smokers would really only come here if their smoker mates insisted).  

    Anyway, ice coffees here are 450 yen, so not cheap (but tasted good).  There are beers (including London Pride) in the 550 - 750 yen range and wines from 550 yen.  Bar type nibbles - 500 - 600 yen, and we noticed a decent looking curry set for 890 yen (although it doesn't really strike one as a place to eat, even if you're a smoker).  

    Cafe&Bar DEUR has a take away counter outside.

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