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Hotel Tokinosumika

Avg: 9000 yen
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  • Saitama

    Mediocre Hotel, but with lots of extras and Mt Fuji view

    Price: 9000 yen

    Only 90 minutes from Saitama and an hour from Western Tokyo, the Tokinosumika Resort has a great selection of things to do. The Hotel Tokinosumika is one of six different accommodation options. 

    The rooms in Tokinosumika are ideal for our large family. It has a 10 tatami room with built in bunk beds, AND a Western type area of the room with two semi double beds, toilet, bathroom and sink. The rooms have a beautiful view of Mount Fuji, on a clear day, from a bay window with two seats built in. They are reasonable and are charged per person. There is a reduced rate for children under 6 and children under 2 are free. You can opt to have dinner included or not. You can use the hot spring in the hotel for free and in summer the outdoor pool is also free. For a reduced rate you can gain access to any of the other hot springs on the resort. You get a half price ticket for the large playground, Big Bang which is also reviewed on City-cost. They have comfortable hugging cushions you can borrow for free.  You also get a half price discount on the water and projection mapping show held each night. 

    The downside of the hotel is that over the years it has become a bit run down and the toilet and bathroom were not as clean as they could have been. The room wasn’t particularly sound proof and until about midnight we could hear a group of young lads having a great time. We were awake ourselves and that sort of sound doesn’t disturb our children when they are asleep so it didn’t particularly bother us. The breakfast buffet is okay, but we often stay in another accommodation in this resort and their breakfast is much nicer. The restaurants in the hotel have high chairs for babies and toddlers. Breakfast is free for toddlers and they will provide you with toddler plates and cutlery to use. 


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