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  • JTsuzuki

    The Biggest Daiso in Sendai

    Price: 100 yen

    Most people living in Japan for any length of time know what they can find at a 100 yen store. Everything from towels, sock and ties to notebooks, pens and cute stationary to gardening equipment, home maintenance supplies and crafting materials are stocked along the aisles of any 100 yen store in Japan. Experience would tell you that bigger tends to be better, at least in terms of selection. A small neighborhood store might carry one type and style of wash cloth where a larger location may showcase a variety of wash cloths and well as sponges and other cleaning equipment. 

    This location is the largest easily accessible Daiso location in Sendai, sporting 4 floors. One drastic flaw in the floor plan only applies if elevators are a necessity for you. Half of the store requires stair usage to access, so the usage of strollers and wheel chairs should be avoided if at all possible. As you can see in the floor map provided, only the A side floors are accessible by elevator, and none of them have bathrooms.

    It pays to know your kanji in stores like this, but wandering the floors will also give you a good idea of the materials available and prices as well. While the vast majority of the goods for sale are unmarked, therefor priced at 100 yen, several items on each floor may be found to have a price tag. These tags are usually marked from 300 to 500 yen (plus tax, which is included on the price tags but not my recollection) and are usually reserved for slightly nicer goods than found in the rest of the store.


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