Ebina Sports Park

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  • Saitama

    on Sep 23

    Sports park with an amazing playground the kids won't want to leave

    Ebina is our stop off point en route to Shizuoka from Saitama. We make the trip every year, at least once, and try to stop off somewhere different each time. However, this is one of our regular stop offs, because the kids love it and they get a great work out to relieve the stress of a long car journey.

    The playground is at the back of the park, so it is quite a walk from the car park, but it is well worth it. If you have a small child, you might want to bring a stroller for them, if not for the walk there, for the walk back after hours of physical play. The playground is a multi-age, multi-purpose playground with lots of climbing and combination equipment. It is beside a large sports hall that has an indoor swimming pool as well as a big hall and small hall. The halls have various type of sports courts marked out, such as badminton, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. There is also a training room. Outside they have pitches for soccer, rugby and baseball.  There are 6 tennis courts you can book to use. The park also boasts a small farm like area where you can ride ponies or hold a guinea pig, rabbit or chick on fine days. They don't run this petting area in the rain. 

    The hours, costs and booking systems for each activity is different, you can get full details  on their website, but it is in Japanese only. The playground and car park are free. 

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