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  • Saitama

    on Feb 24

    Cultural and music event space near JR Kawagoe Station

    Westa was only built in the last couple of years and it has proven to be a great asset to the city. It is mainly a concert hall, but it is used for many things, including a couple of English language events such as a children's concert and theater production.

    Apart from the large halls, there are a number of different types of meeting rooms that can be hired at a cost. There is also a public information center and information desk. In one area of the foyer they have a huge selection of free information pamphlets that you can help yourself too. It is a Saitama Prefectural Public Information Center. Some of the pamphlets are in foreign languages such as English and Portuguese. This area also has a large Kobaton, the mascot of Saitama, and a mini Bell Tower; a symbol of Kawagoe. They have a display of miniatures, teddy bears, of a lot of the mascots of the various cities of Saitama, in this area too. There are seating areas in the public foyer and reception area. 

    There is underground parking in Westa. It is incredibly expensive. Perhaps if you attend a concert there you are entitled to a discount, but I have not found information to support that. Next door is Unicus. They have parking too. It is also charged, but it is cheaper than Westa and you can get your parking validated for a couple of hours free if you shop or eat in Unicus. 

    Opening hours depend on what events are on. The public foyer is open during office hours and during the day on weekends too.



〒350-1124 Saitama-ken, Kawagoe-shi, 新宿町Arajukumachi, 1丁目17−17

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