Joyful Honda Chiyoda

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  • edthethe

    on Mar 13

    Shopping center above home improvement store

    Joyful Honda is a giant home improvement store. It is often cheaper than Cainz Home or Sekichu and has a very wide variety of most of its items. The garden center is spacious, the tool world/ diy section is on par with what I am used to in the United States. And there is a small grocery store on the first floor. The second floor is where it is at though. About 2 years ago, it was like the other Joyful Hondas and had Joyful 2 which is sort of like a big craft store but sadly that changed. Now there is a small more pricy craft chain called Dream, and enough stores to make it feel like a mall, including a game center and purikura. It can be crowded on weekends, but the food court is nice with Burger King, Mister Donuts, and Baskin Robbins. There is also a sit down fancy Italian place. Joyful is great to go with the kids.



〒370-0722 群馬県邑楽郡千代田町萱野813−1

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Chiyoda-machi, Gunma

Fancy Italian in unlikely place



on Mar 13

Red rock Ferry 赤岩

Chiyoda-machi, Gunma

Tone-river ferry, connecting saitama and gunma



on Feb 23