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Kaiten Sushi Nippon Ichi (Yodobashi dining)

Avg: 800 yen


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  • Kasajizo

    Simple Sushi

    Price: 800 yen

    Imagine this: You are in Yodobashi Camera. You have spent the last two or three hours traversing the numerous isles and shelves. Suddenly your stomach starts to gurgle and you realize you haven`t eaten anything all day. So you elevate yourself up to the eight floor, only to find a plethora of restaurants and options. Overwhelmed and irrational from hunger, you are tempted to pick the closest restaurant and gorge yourself.

    Forget that thought, because you are going to Nihon Ichi. It`s a lovely, simple sushi restaurant that can fill you up for only a fraction of the cost of other restaurant options.

    The cheapest plates go for around 100 yen, and naturally others are more expensive. I am a big fan of squid and octopus, so I usually eat my weight in each every time I go there.

    The atmosphere is lovely. The workers there are friendly and willing to assist you.

    Of course you can take food from the conveyor belt, and there`s nothing wrong with that, but I usually order from the tablet on the table. That way I can make absolutely sure that the food I am eating is as fresh as possible.

    If you use the reservation website called E-Park, you can sometimes get coupons for something delicious as well as reserve a table in advance. Although you probably won`t need it.

    I whole heartedly recommend this place. It usually costs me just under 800 yen and I think that`s quite reasonable.


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