Dedesuke Saigon Kitchen

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Dec 10

    Dedesuke Saigon Kitchen - authentic vietnamese kitchen

    If you are a fan of vietnamese cuisine the Dedesuke Saigon Kitchen in the center of Nihonbashi might be the right place for you. The restaurant has 2 floors. on the first floor is a bar and on the second table 9 tables. The restaurant offers good variety of authentic vietnamese dishes (mostly from Saigon) like the famous teriyaki chicken sandwich or Pho. All tastes very good and they have a special lunch menu with diffrent kind of dishes. The main dish always comes with a small salad and a harumaki roll. There is also a dish where you can choose from many small plates. This is perfect if you don´t know vietnamese cuisine well and want to try everything. The dinner prices are a little bit higher, but you will also has more choices of course. The restaurant is the perfect place for an romantic night or just for enjoying vietnamese food with your friends.

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