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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Mar 18

    Very delicious pancakes!

    I went to Cafe Gram in Harajuku im December because of the recommendation here with a friend. We've been there around 1.30 pm and not many costumers were there, but already some waited for the premium pancakes at 3 pm. We were ok with the normal menu and passed on the premium pancake - I try to taste them another time. I ate the chocolate fondue pancakes with a lot of fruits. It was really delicous and I enjoyed it so much! The staff there was pretty nice, too, and tried to speak some English. We even got a heart on our receipt which was really cure. Other Cafe Grams opened all around Japan. I will visit the one in Machida soon.

  • Fluffy Pancake Goodness Worth Lining Up for

    Some pancakes are dry; some pancakes are bland; some pancakes taste better once you smother them with butter and maple syrup; and then there's Gram's premium pancake. I first knew about Cafe Gram through a Facebook post of a friend living near Osaka. It was a very enticing video of a fluffy and bouncy pancake. I craved for it instantly then lo and behold! I saw a sign just this past June that it just opened in Harajuku. Imagine my excitement! I wasn't able to go until this month when I finally found time to go with some friends and treat one of them to a birthday surprise. We arrived there around 12 noon but no seats were available. It was okay as the birthday girl wasn't there yet so we said we could wait. While waiting, a line started to build up. Good thing that I had a Japanese friend with me as she could hear the waitress telling the others that the premium pancakes already ran out! So she went over and asked about it. Apparently, they make SIXTY pancakes A DAY and serve only TWENTY pancakes at certain times-- 11 AM, 3 PM and 6 PM; moreover, you have to line up an hour before these serving times to be able to get a meal ticket. Isn't that crazy? Well, if you don't plan on ordering the premium pancakes, you can come any time as there are other desserts in the menu. But then again, why wouldn't you want to try, right? We waited for 2 PM to get our tickets then just strolled around Takeshita while waiting for 3 PM to arrive. When we finally got inside, we were told that they had a short circuit and so the lights were not working in the dining area (the toilet was fine). It was kind of strange that they didn't even have candles to lighten up the place even just a bit. It could have been a better dining experience with some light but it was a good thing I had great company to keep things positive. The first bite of the premium pancake was DIVINE. It is very soft, fluffy and tasty, and it melts in your mouth. It was completely satisfying! Just a note though, it is better eaten upon serving-- so take those photos and videos quickly before they get cold. The coffee wasn't bad either (I had cafe mocha). Before our meal ended, the birthday girl was served with a special birthday pancake, and it was pretty cool because it came with a birthday song (which I barely recognized) and sparkling candles! She was so happy! We were already full but we managed to finish the birthday pancakes, which weren't bad either; of course, they're not as fluffy as the premium pancakes. Again, it would have been a better dining experience if there were lights. But generally, I would definitely come back!

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