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  • TheHikingAlto

    on Feb 4

    An Excellent English Speaking Dentist

    Before moving to Tokyo, as a result of a few years of bad dental experiences in Utsunomiya, a friend recommended that I visit her dentist near Ebara-machi station. It was a long trip then, and even now that I have moved to Tokyo, it is not close to where I live, but Dr. Teraoka has done a wonderful job and is worth the trip for me. My first ever visit to see him was due to a number of issues with my teeth, so there was a lot for him to check. I have never had a dental visit as thorough as that one. He used x-rays, and cameras, and molding material, and really got a very good view of my teeth . . . which then required a lot of work. And just to clarify, unlike the reputation of many dentists in Japan for requiring patients to come week after week, and I did have one such dentist, to do little or no work, I really did need to have A LOT of work done on my teeth, so my repeated visits were necessary and productive, always. Dr. Teraoka speaks English and while it is not perfect, it is more than enough to make the visit comfortable for people with no Japanese at all. He explains clearly in English what he is doing, and at the end of the visit will explain it all again, and if another visit (or visits) are necessary, he clearly explains the next step and what will happen in the next visit. He is friendly and really attentive. The dental hygienist speaks no English, but will use a few words in English when needed to deliver proper care. She, when not performing cleanings on other patients, often assists Dr. Teraoka as he works on my teeth. The receptionist speaks English, again, not perfectly, but appointments and calls can easily be conducted in English. Dr. Teraoka not only looks for cavities and deals with problems as they pop up, but takes note of things like bite condition and long term dental health and addresses such issues. He is very knowledgeable of TMJ and helped me with a non-surgical solution for it. The office is very clean, and with modern equipment, some of which he has gotten in the last 5 years. There is a Western style toilet (recently renovated) as well. Classical music plays in the background, and there is a lot of light that streams in through the windows. I, believe it or not, find visits to see him quite relaxing most of the time. The office itself is about 3–5 minutes on foot from Ebara-machi station on the Oimachi Line. It is on the third floor of an unremarkable building with no elevator. National Health Insurance is accepted. Appointments required. Hours: 9:30–12:30 and 14:00–19:00. Closed Wednesdays, Sundays, and National Holidays. Also occasionally closed other days.

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A Cheap, Delicious, and Healthy "Fast-Food" Meal



on Feb 4