Hanasaki Park

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  • Saitama

    on Sep 24

    Great range of activities, highlights include pedal cars, tandem bikes, pool with sliders

    Most of the public parks in Saitama have some sort of attraction in them, it is rare to come across a park that is just lawns and trees. However, Hanasaki park in Kazo, has a better selection of activities than most. And it is the only park that I know of in Saitama that has pedal cars.

    The pedal cars are just one of the pedal operated rides you can rent in the park. They are painted in bright colours and up to four people can pedal, but you squeeze in an extra child or two.  They are a big hit with families and kids, but its not uncommon to see teenagers use them too. They also have tandem bikes and some other unusual bikes you can rent. The reception for the bike rental area is in the summer outdoor pool area, which is also the reception area for the fishing pools. There are battery cars in this area too. On the far side of the park beside the multi-purpose playground there is a BBQ area and wading streams.  The lake is nearby and you can hire swan boats to take out on the lake. On one side of the park there are giant Conifer (Meta Sequoia) trees that line a river. On the far side, which you reach over a picturesque arched bridge, there is a lotus pond with a wooden boardwalk. There is a restaurant in the park, but it is closed during quiet times of the year.

    The park itself is free, but some of the activities cost money. The parking is free from Autumn to Spring, but charged in the summer when the outdoor pools are open. You can get full details on their website, unfortunately it is in Japanese only. I have a bit more information in English on my blog: insaitama.com 

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Musashi no Mura

Kazo-shi, Saitama

Great full day of fun, if you don't mind the high price tag



on Sep 17